TAPIO MÄKELÄCurriculum Vitae

born in Turku, Finland
living currently in Helsinki

2000- Post graduate studies, Media Studies, University of Turku, Finland
1998 M.f.A. Media Studies, University of Lapland
1993 B.A. Cultural History, University of Turku
1990 Post Graduate studies at The University of San Francisco and University of California at Berkeley
1986 – Comparative literature and English Philology, studies at University of Turku
1986-1987 Chemistry (towards environmental engineering and computer science) Åbo Akademi

1991 Turun ylioppilaslehti (Turku University Student Newspaper), editor
1993-1994 Turun ylioppilaslehti, editor in chief
1994-1997 Director of artist association Muu
1995- Lectures and workshops in Finland and abroad
1997 Project manager for Projektnet Ab, associated with Futurniture Ab Stockholm
1998 Teacher in European Master in Media and Business Administration (Interactive media production)
1998- Founder and CEO of Translocal Inc.
1998-2000 Founder and CEO of Meteori Books Inc.
2000-2001 Head of Development, Meteori Books Inc.
2001- Chairman of the board, mbar Inc. (part time CEO)
2001 -2003  Researcher, part time, Media Studies, University of Turku
2003-2004 Programme Chair, ISEA2004, m-cult
2005-2006 Researcher, HIIT/m-cult – consultancies
2007- Freelance researcher, teacher, (University of Helsinki, Stadia, University of Industrial Art and Design, Helsinki), consultant (Gearshift Group).
2008-2011 AHRC Research Fellow, Creative Technology, University of Salford

Recent teaching, projects and consultancies
1994-2000 Courses in various polytechnics and art schools in areas of art and new media
2001-2002 Digital media culture course, Estonian Art Academy
2003 Commissioned report for the Nordic Council of Ministers on redesigning Nordic new media funding models.
2001-2004 commissions with m-cult for three Finnish ministries and Arts Council Finland on new media cultural sector
2005 co-writer of experience design concept report for Silja Line
2005-2006 project manager, software designer for ISEA2006 conference submission software, San Jose
2006 HCI expert in Ambience Design TEKES-project (Turku Business School, Ahead)
2006 course for Palmenia, Uni of Helsinki – Internet Communication, (Internet history, web design)
2007 course for Palmenia, Uni of Helsinki – Internet Communication, (Internet history, web design)
2007 course for Open University, Uni of Helsinki – Internet Communication, (Internet history, web design)
2007 course for Communications dept., Uni of Helsinki – Internet as a visual and participatory medium.
2007 (Nov-Dec) course for Medialab, UIAH, Technologies of Location (theory and practice)
2008 (Feb-April) Stadia, media culture theory, Network Society.
2008 June – 2011 May AHRC Research Fellow, University of  Salford, Creative Technology
2011 October – courses at Fine Art Academy and medialab, Aalto University

1989- Finnish network of Cultural Studies
1990-1994 Cinema Studies Society
1992 Form for Audiovisual Further Education
1989-1993 Univ. of Turku faculty board member
1992-1993 Univ. of Turku, Humanities board member
1994 vice board member of Turku cable television
1997-1998 Intersociety of Electronic Arts, ISEA board member
2000- m-cult, Finnish centre for new media culture
2000- Finnish Researcher Union
2002 Asia Europe Foundation Alumni
2000-2006 Media Arts Board, Arts Council Finland
2006- Advisory board, Pixelache festival
2008- Advisory board, ISEA2010
2010- Programme committee, Re-wire conference

Conferences and summits I have chaired
1992 VIRTUAL ZONE (1st Finnish conference on interactive media and virtual reality), University of Turku
1995 Nordic-Baltic conference on Art and Technology, Helsinki
1996 Media and Ethics, symposium w/Finnish Arts Council and YLE, Helsinki
2000 Connected, Towards European Media Cultures, Helsinki
2004 ISEA2004 (International Symposium on Electronic Arts), programme chair
2004 International Expert Meeting on Media Art and New Media Culture Policy. Media Centre Lume

Edited publications
First Finnish book on ethnic identity and cultural studies:
Juha Hyvärinen ja Tapio Mäkelä, eds., Etno Spektri. Kirjoituksia kirjavista identiteeteistä.Turun yliopiston Ylioppilaskunnan julkaisusarja. Turku: Turun yliopiston ylioppilaskunta, 1991.

First Finnish book on VR and interactive art:
Tapio Mäkelä and Minna Väisänen, eds., Virtual Zone. Turku: Turun yliopiston ylioppilaskunta, 1992.

Minna Tarkka ja Tapio Mäkelä, toim. Uusi mediakulttuuri innovaatioympäristönä. Kotimainen ja kansainvälinen tutkimus. Opetusministeriö: Sisältötuotanto-työryhmän väliraportti 7. Helsinki: mediakulttuuriyhdistys m-cult ry, 2002. (New Media Culture as an environment for innovation).

Tapio Mäkelä ja Minna Tarkka, Mediataide. Kotimaiset toimijat ja kansainväliset mallit. Opetusministeriö. Kulttuuri-, liikunta- ja nuorisopolitiikan osaston julkaisusarja nro 8 /2002. Helsinki 2002. (Media art. Finnish actors and international models.)

Makela, T & Sharan, A & Wolfsberger, A 2008, ‘RECOMMENDATIONS developed from the Mini Summit on New Media Art Policy and Practice, Singapore, 24th – 26th July 2008. ‘,

Selected list of publications

“Locative Games as Social Software: Urban Experience in Object Oriented Neighbourhoods.“ In Mathias Fuchs and Ernst Strouhal eds, Das Spiel Und Seine Grenzen: Passagen Des Spiels II. Edition Angewandte. Frankfurt: Springer Verlag, 2010.

“Social networking beyond medieval economies”, in: Cathy Brickwood, Annette Dekker, and Annette Wolfsberger eds, Walled Garden, Virtueel Platform, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2009.   

ISEA2004 Conference Proceedings. Tapio Mäkelä ed. , Helsinki 2005

Digital fever: An Art of Memory: Interface, Metaphors, and New Genres of Representation. In Sarah Cook, Sara Diamond and Susan Kennard, eds. Utopia/Dystopia: The Banff New Media Institute Dialogues 1995 – 2005, 2006.

Wireless creative fringe and popular mobile cultures. Future Wireless: practical.disourse.creative conference publication. The Science Museum’s Dana Centre, London, UK, Oct 4th 2005.

Tapio Mäkelä, ”Uusiutuvan median kulttuurinen sisältötuotanto ja kestävä kehitys”. Minna Tarkka ja Tapio Mäkelä, toim. Uusi mediakulttuuri innovaatioympäristönä. Kotimainen ja kansainvälinen tutkimus. Opetusministeriö: Sisältötuotanto-työryhmän väliraportti 7. Helsinki: mediakulttuuriyhdistys m-cult ry, 2002.

Tapio Mäkelä, ”Mediakulttuurin kansainvälinen toimiala”. Minna Tarkka ja Tapio Mäkelä, toim. Uusi mediakulttuuri innovaatioympäristönä. Kotimainen ja kansainvälinen tutkimus. Opetusministeriö: Sisältötuotanto-työryhmän väliraportti 7. Helsinki: mediakulttuuriyhdistys m-cult ry, 2002.

“Media art and the construction of public spaces.” In Koivunen, Anu and Söderbergh Widding, Astrid (eds.), Cinema Studies Into Visual Theory? D-Vision yearbook vol. 1/1998.

“Virtuaalitodellisuus uuden median populaarikulttuurina.”  In Anu Koivunen et. al. eds., Populaarin lumo – mediat ja arki. Turun yliopisto, Mediatutkimus. Turun yliopiston taiteiden tutkimuksen laitoksen julkaisuja, sarja A, no 46,  2000

”Re-reading Digitality through Scientific Discourses of Cybernetics: Fantasies of Disembodied Users and Embodied Computers”. Conference Proceedings for affective encounters: rethinking embodiment in feminist media studies. Anu Koivunen and Susanna Paasonen eds. University of Turku, School of Art, Literature and Music, Media Studies, Series A, N:o 49, 2001

Tapio Mäkelä, “White New Media Mythologies: On Interacivity and Orientalism”. Proceedings, ISEA2002, Nagoya, Japan, 2002.

Tapio Mäkelä, “Interdiscplinary Trouble: Performing Science in Media Arts”. Proceedings, ISEA2002, Nagoya, Japan, 2002.

Tapio Mäkelä, Tuulikki Koskinen & Hannu Saha, eds., New Media Arts and Culture: Policy and Practice in Dialogue. Arsis 3/04. Helsinki: Arts Council of Finland, 2003.

Tapio Mäkelä, ed. Open Source Software as Culture, mediumi 1:5. Helsinki: mediakulttuuriyhdistys m-cult ry, 2003.

Selected presentations

Demapping Location, ISEA2011, Istanbul, September 2011

M.A.R.I.N.workshop on Environmental Sensors and Sensor Networks presentation, Pixelache 2011, Helsinki, March 2011.

Technologies of Location: Affect of Place in Mobile Ars Memorativas. Paper Presentation. Affective Fabrics. The University of Manchester, UK, June 2010.

Locative play as social software. Ludic Interfaces Panel. Future Everything, Manchester, May 2010.

Technologies of Location. PGR Seminar, University of Salford, April 2010.

Talk, Barcamp Pixelache. Session presentation. Kerava, March 2010.

Ecolocatedness: Art, Ecology And Information Design. Open Source and Landreform. Kultivator seminar, Kalmar Art Museum, Kalmar, Sweden, March 2010.

Talk, FuturityNow,  The Long Conversation. Speaker. Transmediale, Berlin, Germany, February 2010.

Ecolocatedness: Art, Ecology And Information Design. Organized Networks, Rix-C, Riga, Latvia, December 2009.

Location Based Media as Social Software (Association of Internet Researchers (AOIR): Internet Critical, Milwaukee, United States, October 2009.

Ecolocatedness: Art and Science Practice  as Situated Information Design. Futuresonic Social Technologies Summit. Manchester, May 2009.

Ecolocatedness: Art and Science Practice  as Situated Information Design. Pixelache Festival. Helsinki, April 2009.

Art, Ecology and Information Design. Paralelo: Technology & Environment a Meeting Point for Artists, Designers & Researchers. Sao Paolo, March 2009.

Social & Semantic Serendipity: Crafting networked environments for new media arts and culture. Presentation and workshop hosting with Adam Somlai-Fischer. Walled Garden, Amsterdam, December 2008.

M.A.R.I.N. Media Art Research Interdisciplinary Network. Dialogue on Arts, Culture & Climate Change by ASEF. Beijing, October 2008.

Technologies of Location: Affect of Place in Artistic Uses of Mobile and Social Networks. ISEA 2008, Singapore, August 2008.

Resisting System Subjectification: Paranoia as a Culturally Specific Affect of Network Use. Sensor-Census-
Censor: International Colloquium at Sarai-CSDS on Information, Society, History, Politics Delhi, India (December 2006).

Systematic Mistakes: Materiality of Networks and Technological Metaphors Not to Live By. AOIR 2006, Brisbane, Australia (September 2006).

Ars Memorativa in the Interactive City: Private Layers in Public Spaces. ISEA2006, San Jose, (August 2006).

Infographics and interface as media art. 7th Spring School on Aesthetic in Electronic Media. University of Jyväskylä (April 2006).

Transparency and noise in user experience. 7th Spring School on Aesthetic in Electronic Media. University of Jyväskylä (April 2006).

Fascination with Wireless, Cybernetics Revisited. Future Wireless, Dana Centre, Scieence Museum, London (October 2005).

The USED Project: Urban Spaces and Experience Design. Pervasive and Locative Arts Network (PLAN) Workshop, ICA, London (February 2005).

Art and new technology in Europe. Second Asia-Europe Art Camp, Tokyo, Japan (October 2004).

Notes for mobile archions. Panel presentation. Art+communication: Trans Cultural Mapping. The 7th International Festival For new Media Culture. Riga, Latvia, (September 2004).

There is no Translocal without the local: New media centres, networks and sustainability. International Expert Meeting on Media Art and New Media Culture Policy. Media Centre Lume (August 2004).

Using Metadata & Ontologies in Authoring and Designing Public Space. Futuresonic conference, Manchester (April 2004).

Beyond techno formalisms and ESCatologies: media art as social and cultural practice. ArcArt conference, Tromsoe (January 2004).

Research and innovation in new media culture and media art. Understanding Media Art & Research conference, Rotterdam (January 2004).

Vuorovaikutteinen media, metadata ja elämyksellisyys – metodologiset ja poikkitieteelliset haasteet. Kulttuurintutkimuksen päivät, Helsinki (Joulukuu 2003).

New Media Cultural Policy: ISEA2004 as a Case Example. 2nd World Summit on the Arts and Culture. Creating Connections: Trends in Government Support for Artistic Creativity, Singapore, (November 2003).

New media culture and innovation. E-culture conference: Investing in Innovation, Amsterdam (October 2003).

Conceptual games, software toys and software art. ReadMe Software Art Festival Conference, Helsinki (May 2003).

Emergent designs: new media culture and innovation. Design – Opportunity For Estonian Economy? Tallinn Technical University (May 2003).

Tila(nne)kohtainen käyttäjyys ja interaktiivisuuden kokemus. Seminar on Interactivity, University of Jyväskykä, (May 2003).

White New Media Mythologies On Interactivity and Orientalism. ISEA2004, Nagoya, Japan (October 2002).

Interdisciplinary Trouble: Performing Science in Media Arts. ISEA2002, Nagoya, Japan (October 2002).

New media culture as an environment for innovation. Bridges, Banff New Media Institute, Banff, Canada (October 2002).

Flicks and Clicks: Interactivity, Cinema Theory and Human Computer Interface Research. Crossroads Cultural Studies Conference, Tampere (June 2002).
Re-reading digitality through scientific discourses of cybernetics: Fantasies of disembodied users and embodied computers. Affective Encounters: rethinking embodiment in feminist media studies conference, University of Turku (September 2001).

Emperor´s New Interfaces: Old Economy, Old Media and the Rhetoric of the New. Sustainable Information Society – Values And Everyday Life. Kouvola (September 2001).

Digitality, Memory, and Every Day Life Experience. Unforgiving Memory. Banff New Media Institute, Canada (August 2001).

Emperor´s New Interfaces: Old Economy, Old Media and the Rhetoric of the New. Human Generosity. Banff New Media Institute, Canada (August 2001).

Emperor’s New Interfaces: Old Economy, Old Media and the Rhetoric of the New. Pengar –conference, Kulturhuset, Stockholm (June 2001).

Experience, play, and interpretation – discontents of usability. The Cultural Usability Seminar. Uiah, Helsinki (April 2001).

Interaktiivisuus median, tekstin ja käyttäjyyksien näkökulmista. Tietotekniikan yhteiskunnallinen ja kulttuurinen tutkimus. Turun yliopisto (January 2001).

From Information Society to Content Production: Policy, Rhetoric and Every Day Life. Tietotekniikka kulttuurina -seminaari, Joensuun yliopisto (December 2000).

Illusions of Mobility. Mediaterra, Athens, Greece (November 2000)

Medusa’s look: Viewing and Interactivity. Media Usage and the Transformations of Everyday Experience seminar, University of Turku (Nov.-Dec.2000).

Breaking Through the Interface: Impact of Visual Metaphors in the Popularization of the Internet. A(o)IR, The 1st Confernece of Association of Internet Researchers: Internet Research 1.0: The State of the Interdiscipline. University of Kansas, USA (September 2000).

Content on Content? Between Media Art Workshops and Content Industries. Super Conductor. Banff Institute for New Media, Banff, Kanada (August 2000).

New media policy and networks. Art + Communication 4. Riika (August 2000).

Uusmedian urbaanit rajapinnat. Studia Cultura –seminaari: Innovaatiot ja kaupunkikulttuuri. Järvenpää, (August 2000).

Digital fever: An Art of Memory. Interface Metaphors as media genres. Image, body and technology, NorFa workshop, University of Copenhagen (March 2000).

Contextual readings of media art.  Communication Front (CF). Plovdiv, Bulgaria (June 1999).

Towards new media cultures. New Media: Working Practices in the Electronic Arts conference, London School of Economics and Political Science, Lontoo (November 1999)

Multimedia Teaching in Europe: European Master in Media and Business Administration. Tampere Film Festival Multimedia Seminar, TTVO, Tampere, Finland, (March 1999).

Virtual Orientalism: A dialogue on technological others in media discourse. A keynote with Toshiya Ueno (JP). ISEA98 Terror. ISEA98 (the 9th International Symposium on Electronic Art), Manchester, UK, (September 1998).

Hygeia Revisited: Public art and the Web with Susanna Paasonen. Cached 6: Networked Spaces. ICA, The Mall, London, UK, Oct 31st, 1998.

Tilakertomuksia ja ruumiin politiikoja. (“Spatial stories and Body politics”) Les femmes et l’esthetique, Insititute Finlandais, Paris, France (March 1997) ¤

Push-Up Data: Ruumiita tiedon valtatiellä. (“Push-Up Data: Bodies on the Information Highway”) Cyber Body soirée, Galleria Titanic, Turku (December 1996)

Sensorial Realism. Digital Dreams, Newcastle 1996.

Orientalism and Media Art: Commodifying East/West Difference. Dutch Electronic Arts Festival, Rotterdam 1996.

Techno-Fetishism and Polygon Aesthetics. Paper at ISEA, Montréal, September 1995.

Techno-Fetishism. On Technological avant-gardes. Paper at Tidsvåg Noll, Gothenburg, 1995.

Colonialism and electronic space. Paper at ISEA, Helsniki, Sept. 1994.

Radio programs

Tulevaisuus Elokuvassa – Future in Cinema. 4 X 50 min. radio features on cinema history for YLE, the Finnish Broadcasting company, for series Ilta elokuvissa (”Evening at the Cinema”). Produced by Seppo Puttonen and Nadja Novak, 1995.¤

Guest lectures and invited talks

Art, Ecology and Information Design
. Cultural Management and Science – an essential relationship. The 6th Euro-American Campus on Cultural Cooperation. Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 2009.

Art, Ecology and Information Design. Luminous Green seminar and workshop. UCIRA, University of California, Santa Barbara, US, February 2009.

Technologies of Location. School of Art & Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, India, February 2009.

Art, Ecology and Information Design. Common Room Foundation, Bandung, Indonesia, Januray 2009.

Art, Ecology and Information Design. HONF, Yogjakarta, Indonesia, Januray 2009.

Art, Ecology and Information Design. Sarai, CSDS, Delhi, India, Januray 2009.

Location based media as Social Software. Disclocate symposium, Yokohama, Japan (September 2008).

From Helsinki Agenda to Singapore, Asia Europe Foundation and IFFACA mini summit on media art and culture policy, Singapore (August 2008).

Technologies of Location (keynote). Artefact Festival, Ghent, Belgium (March 2007).

New Media Culture Policy. Ministry of Culture, Belgium – e-culture policy presentation and dialogue, Brussels, Belgium (March 2007).

ISEA2004 to 2006: New Media Events in Transition,  (University of California, San Diego (February 2005).

ISEA2004 to 2006: New Media Events in Transition,  (University of California, Irvine (February 2005).

New Media Art Moderation & Curation, California College of the Arts, San Francisco (February 2005).

Translocality and cosmopolitanism in new media cultures, (University of Art and Design, Helsinki (February 2005).

Art & New Technologies in Deep Europe a networked media culture, Asia Europe Foundation Art Camp, Tokyo (November 2004).

New media culture as an environment for innovation. Department of Cinema Studies, Stockholm University (March 2003).

Situated User Experience. CRCA, UC San Diego (January 2003).

Media art as a strategy, Film and Digital Media, UC Santa Cruz (January 2003).

New media culture as an environment for innovation. Department for Visual Art, Rensellair Polytechnic, Troy, New York (January 2003).

Games, toys, and software art. Department for Critical Studies, University of Southern California, Los Angeles (January 2003).

New media culture as an environment for innovation. Department for Modern Culture and Media, Brown University, Providence (January 2003).

The Cultural and Social Information Society. Helsinki University (November 2002).

Towards New Media (Art) Strategies. Pro Arte, St. Petersburg (April 2001).

New Media Culture. E-media Center, Estonian Art Academy, (October/ November 2000, yhdessä Susanna Paasosen kanssa).

Artist presentation. Nomads, Washington DC, USA (syyskuu 2000, yhdessä Susanna Paasosen kanssa)

Doing Things with Images. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, USA (syyskuu 2000, yhdessä Susanna Paasosen kanssa)

Net Art In Context. The School of Visual Arts, NYC, USA (syyskuu 2000, yhdessä Susanna Paasosen kanssa)

From Viewing to Interacting With. The ANAT National School for New Media Art Curation. Hobart, Australia 1998.

Spaces of Exhibit: Media Art and Situationist Politics. Skövde University, Computer Arts dept., Sweden, April 1997.

Digital Playgrounds: Play, Dialogue and Experimentation. Institute of Visual Arts, University of Maryland, USA (October 1997) ¤

Hyped-up Media/Art. Visual Arts Department, University of Colorado at Bolder, USA (October 1997) ¤

“Hype” and new technologies. Video Department, School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), USA (September 1997) ¤

In Addition to the above, papers given at the following conferences
1991 Cultural Study of Reception, Jyväskylä
1991 Society of Semiotics 10. symposium, Imatra
1991 Ethnicity and Gender, Univesrity of Turku
1993 Narratives and Narrated Subjects of Colonialism, University of Turku
1995 Virtual Bodies, Embodied… Goldsmith´s,  London
1996 Wiretap, V2 Organisation, Rotterdam
1996 Crossing Over I, Soros Center, Sofia
1997 Reality Bites, Färgfabriken, Stockholm
1997 Liverpool Electronic Arts Festival, Liverpool
1997 History and Memory Confernce, University of Turku
1999 History and Space, University of Turku
2000 Wapisuttavaa kontenttia? m-Cultin julkistamisseminaari, Helsinki
2000 Communication Front 2000, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2001 Bridges, Annenberg School of Communication, L.A., USA

Participated to following conferences, amongst others, without giving a paper:
1989 America and the Nordic Countries in the 1990s
1990 Media and the Future of Am. Democracy, UC Davis, USA
1991 The Ends of America, American Studies Conference, Tampere
1992 Audiovisual forum for further education, Helsinki
1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996 Muu Media Festivals
1991 Cinema and Tv Studies Conference, Turku
1994 Copenhagen Cultural Capital 96 seminar, Copenhagen
1994 Shakespeare in New Media, Helsinki
1995 Europeiska kulturhuvudstäder Stockholm
1995 Finnish-Russian cinema and mediaproducer forum, St. Petersburg
2000 The Asia-Europe Forum: Culture in the Cyber Age, Oct 23-25, Kyongju, Korea.
2001 Training Programme on New Media and Cultural Management, RixC, Riga, April 2-8, Riga, Latvia.
2005 Contested Commons, Trespassing Publics. A Conference on Inequalities, Conflicts and Intellectual Property, 6-8 January 2005, Delhi, India.
2007 Luminous Green symposium, Belgium (moderator)
2008 Leonardo Educational Forum, moderator on Artistic Research working group
2009 Moderator at ISEA2008 conference sessions

Selected Websites (offline)
Muu Mediabase website (1995-1998)
Ground, zine on visual culture. (1997-1998)¤
*METRO*politan Dreams. /metro/dreams (1997)¤
Hygeia Revisited. (1997) ¤ (1999)
¤ together with Susanna Paasonen

Exhibitions and work as curator
1992 Turku Transaction event, holograms
1992 Virtual Zone -event coordination, poster
1994 Sound Calendar, 24 sound works on YLE Radio
a993-1997 several projects at Artist Association MUU
1995 Production of Muu Media Base lab and its workshop program
1995 AMORPH! 1 – founding and curating a performance festival
1996 Breaking Eyes, nordic media art exhibition (concept, co-curating, production)
1996 Curated a screening of new Finnish video with Susanna Paasonen, Institute Finlandais, Paris, France
1996 Curated screenings of new Finnish video with Susanna Paasonen for Crossing Over 1, Sofia, Bulgaria
1997 Net project game Cultural Monopoly, Helsinki
1997 Net project Digital Drive In with 21 artists
1997 Parasite, city & net project with Attila Architects, NL
1997 Metropolitan Dreams, artwork and curatorial work with Susanna Paasonen
1997 Ground media/net/art on-line zine with Susanna Paasonen
1997 Net.Sauna (with John Hopkins, Liisa Vähäkylä, Terhi Penttilä) Ars Electronica, Lintz
1998 Curated a program of Finnish video for Images festival, Toronto
1998: Hygeia Revisited, a www- and city-space installation for ISEA98 and PHOTO98, Great Britain.
2002:, Tasmanian Art Museum, 2002.
2004: ISEA2004, Helsinki,  programe chair and participant in exhibition curatorial committee, 2004.
2007: Split Second. Installation, Barents Spektakel, Kirkenes 2007.
2009: Ecolocated, Littoral Lives. Locative surround sound installation with Nigel Helyer, in collaboration with Daniel Woo, Michael Lake and Andreas Siagian. Catalyst Arts Gallery, ISEA2009, Beflast, Northern Ireland, August 6-29th, 2009.
2009: Ecolocated, Littoral Lives. Workshop series and exhibition with M.A.R.I.N. for the AND Festival. Folly (Whitehaven, Barrow-in-Furness) and FACT (Liverpool), September 1st-29th 2009.
2010: Case Suite. Interactive Sound installation on travel. Pixelache exhibition, Camp Pixelache, March 24th-29th 2010.
2010: Case Suite. Interactive Sound installation on travel. MUU Sound Frequencies exhibition. Kerava Art Museum, April 4th – May 30th, 2010.
2010: Bluegreen. An experiment with cyanobacteria and physical cartography. Biennale Balticum, Rauma Art Museum, June 11th – September 19th, 2010.
2010: Ecocaching. A Translocal Game. Workshop and a game. Arte.Mov Festival, Porto Alegre, Brazil, November 2010.
2010: Ecocaching. Workshop and a game. Future Everything, Manchester, May 2011.
2010: Ecocaching. Workshop and a game. ISEA 2011, Istanbul, September 2011.

1990 Finnish Cultural Foundation
1990 Ministry of Education for UC Berkeley studies
1992 University of Turku Finnish Foundation, Personal Grant
1994 Finnish Arts Council, media art workshop
1995 Ministry of Education, travel grant
1995 Finnish Arts Council, travel grant
1996 Finnish Audiovisual Foundation, research
1996 Finnish Art Council, travel grant
1997 Finnish Art Council, travel grant
1997 Finnish Central Arts Council, WWW zine on visual culture (realized as Ground). For a work group.
1998 Finnish Central Arts Council, Grant for a residency at Visual Arts Dept., University of California, San Diego. Together with Susanna Paasonen.
2001 AVEK script writing grant,
2002 Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, travel grant, Paris Prix Mobius symposium
2003 Finnish Central Arts Council, production grant,
2006 Arts Council Finland, travel grant ISEA2006
2006 CIMO residency grant for Sarai, Delhi, India
2008 AHRC Fellowship in performing and visual arts
2010 Finnish  Arts Council, production grant, Ecocaching
2010 AVEK, production grant, Ecocaching

1998 Channel artist residency at Artec, Arts and Technology Center, London. Financed by The Arts Council of England. Together with Susanna Paasonen (January/February 1998).
Dec 1998- Jan 1999 Residency at University of San Diego, Visual Arts department.
1997,1998, 2000 Polar Circuit Residency, Finland
2000 Solar Circuit Residency, Tasmania, Australia
2002 Banff Centre for the Arts, Banff, Canada
2006 Sarai New Media Initiative, New Delhi, India
2006 Connecting Barents, Kirkenes (NO) and Murmansk (RU).
2009 M.A.R.I.N. Residency, Irish Sea
2010 M.A.R.I.N. Residency, Hacklab at the Sea, Turku Archipelago